About Us

About Us

We are How To Interview, a dedicated online service that inspires change in our client’s professional and personal lives. Founded in early 2021, we are the new guys on the block, ready to mix things up. We produce lasting and transformative results with our understanding of the mind and our ability to guide individuals on their path to personal development.

We are able to empower our audiences on their quest via coaching, online learning, and books.
We believe the two fundamental components of acquiring anything in life are a mixture of thought and action. It is our structured approach to this belief that creates transformation.


Daniel Stephenson


Founder and visionary of How To Interview and author of Aspire, Act & Acquire.
Daniel began studying the art of job interviews when he found himself underprepared at his first formal meeting at the age of seventeen. From that point on, he decided to dissect his failure and began acquiring in-depth knowledge on key areas such as goal setting, planning, visualisation, preparation, and growing a career. He has obtained a wealth of knowledge and experience and dedicates himself to teaching others. Daniel’s career originally started in engineering, and he went on to win multiple awards and worked for many prestigious companies. After training and coaching apprentices and colleagues, he decided to put his expertise to good use and entered coaching full-time. One of his first achievements in coaching was when he worked with a client who had not passed the interview stage in twenty-eight years; that client is now in a new position and thriving.

Who We Are

How To Interview is the launchpad for your career. We don’t just teach people how to think big; we do it ourselves every day. Whether you are job hunting, preparing for an interview or looking to excel in your career, our resources can help create meaningful and lasting changes. As a company, we set big goals and are committed to our clients’ developments.

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe anyone can deliver an incredible interview or achieve their goals if they believe in themselves. We first need to help individuals discover how the mind works and the options we have to go forward in life and create prosperity. Experience has shown that clients have the ability to draw success from within and build incredible accomplishments. We believe in Abundance, Prosperity and Self-Mastery.

Why Choose How To Interview?

If you are looking to find a job, prepare for an interview or excel in your career, you have come to the right place. Daniel, the founder of How To Interview, has been putting the content that he delivers to thousands into practice for years. We’ve trained and coached many students and offer education at your own pace to suit many learning styles. We are truly client-focused and want you to achieve the best out of life.


We know our clients are capable of anything


We will help find your purpose.


See positive change in your personal and professional life.


Aim, plan and achieve your goals.